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Kapitał Consulting Sp. z o.o.


Our book-keeping company has extensive experience in providing financial and legal services combining theoretical knowledge with practical one as well as experience.
We are highly – mobile, experienced and willing to provide help in the process of our clients’ companies expansion and to save their money.

With the headquarters of our company located in the center of Warsaw (Powiśle) our clients have the luxury of direct and easy contact with our financial advisers and lawyers.

Our main strengths:
1. knowledge of all the changes in the tax and civil law which allows us
to provide our clients with best solutions and to protect them from
2. practical knowledge of court and prosecution procedures, prosecution
activities concerning economic law, which is of great help to our clients
who can receive information about many subjects visiting just one place,
3. cooperation with many institutions, organizations and state officials,
which allows us to make legal opinions for our clients,
4. knowledge of the European Union Law concerning international
litigations and debt collection procedures,
5. knowledge of issues connected with acquiring European Funds for small
and medium companies,
6. cooperation with experienced legal and financial auditors and other
associations, which allows us to act instantaneously and to conduct
our clients business in an efficient manner.

Our strengths have been built on the extensiveness of our operations and the huge number of issues that we have solved for our clients.

We cooperate mainly with economic and civil courts. If it is necessary, we expand our activities within the area of several districts. We can also help our clients on their premises if it is what they wish.

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