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Ways of rescuing companies in/from bankruptcy

It is important to remember that bankruptcy gives a chance to save and revitalize a company if the issue is handled by experts.

Acting as an Accountant in Bankruptcy in several district courts we have a lot of experience in professional preparation of bankruptcy application notices with:
- the possibility of continuing economic activities,
- the possibility of forging a settlement with creditors,
- the possibility of conducting an efficient bankruptcy with property liquidation

A process of liquidation is connected with many difficulties that emerge in every phase of the process. It is due to the fact there is an insufficient number of regulations concerning many issues, which is caused by the implementation of EU law to the polish economic system.

We can offer assistance to our clients beginning in the phase of bankruptcy application notice preparation. It is of vital importance because acting as experienced partners we can provide our clients with a lot of helpful advice, properly assess their problems taking into consideration all the available options as well as time confinements. It is of great benefit to the board of management in the process of making decisions about the best way of saving a company in difficulties.

Making use of the new bankruptcy law we can offer help in issues connected with capital transformations.

Many accountants in bankruptcy do not use this opportunity because they lack necessary experience or they are not interested in exploring all ways of reviving a company.
Our experience indicates that many business people and their creditors make a lot of mistakes in the bankruptcy application notice that they prepare for the court of law, the result of which is:
- costs resulting from the necessity to additionally analyze financial and organizational data,
- waste of time connected with saving a company
- loss of reliability and good reputation of the board of management if they file a bankruptcy or settlement application notice on several occasions.
an attack by court executive officers whose actions in many cases lead to liquidation of a company and a loss of the owners' property.

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