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Kapitał Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Settlements with creditors

If you cooperate with us you can make up for wasted time.

There are no lost opportunities with us.

Our aim is to help our clients expand their activities and increase the value of their companies.

Our company can prepare the owner or the board of management to the settlement process. We can also prepare an economic analysis that allows to assess the effectiveness of the settlement procedure and the chance that the court of law will approve the settlement.

Our services are of enormous importance to save companies, their clients and creditors. They are most important, however, for owners of companies, whom we can protect from the consequences of the court's disapproval of the settlement and from trade risks connected with the public perception of a company that has a settlement with its creditors.

It is very often the case that ignorance of legal regulations and circumstances of conducting a settlement results in the settlement's failure.

Acting as an accountant in bankruptcy in several district courts we also have the qualifications to conduct and oversee settlements with creditors, activities that we can undertake when our company is assigned to the task by the judge commissioner.

We can revitalize a company according to art. 55’ of the Civil Law if we are invited to cooperation at a time when first problems with financial liquidity of a company begin to emerge. We will help to save a company's property, (often built during many years of hard work), jobs and market space, which - in the absence of good solutions - might be irrevocably lost.

It is essential that we start cooperation before there is a catastrophe in our client's company and so too late to take any precautions. It is often the case that boards of management and companies' owners are not aware of their accountability to their creditors and the Treasure.

Business people and boards of management can save their companies by entrusting experienced experts to do the rescue activities.

Our cooperation with clients is not limited to negotiations. We provide assistance and lead our clients to a financial success.

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