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Settlement Process

It is a pleasure to invite business people to our company for consultation and to find ways to maintain their financial liquidity, which may save their possessions and rescue their good reputations.

Due to very complicated requirements that must be met by a businessman intending to be subjected to a settlement procedure, we are very helpful in making analyses concerning this issue.

Legal and economic analyses of a settlement process entail relatively small costs compared with the liquidation costs and the loss connected with tarnishing one's reputation. For the analyses to bear fruit, cooperation, responsiveness and honesty in evaluating a company's condition are essential features of a businessman or a board of management.

The analyses and conclusions that are based upon them contribute to enhancing the chances of effectively helping a company only if the analyses are initiated in the early stage of the process and if all necessary steps are taken to maintain financial liquidity of the company.

Our experience in legal settlements indicates that the possibilities that they provide are not fully harnessed. It is mainly because of the fact that they are conducted by companies that are already permanently insolvent at the moment they decide to take action.

The idea of a settlement process is to protect the competitiveness of Polish companies in the phase of adopting their activities to the conditions in UE. Settlement processes are strongly connected with restructuring programs based on Acts of Law and with state assistance programs for companies playing important roles on the labor market.

There are, however, small and large companies that are not beneficiaries of the state that also benefit from a settlement process.

A settlement process requires a lot of cooperation from all the parties engaged.
We can conduct a settlement process in a way that is beneficial for everyone. In this manner we contribute to the protection of our clients, saving other peoples' jobs in a region where such contributions fulfill an important part of regional development policy.

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