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Kapitał Consulting Sp. z o.o.


In a situation when our clients face organizational, legal or financial problems we can - on their or on the board of managers of their companies' behalf - mediate between them and their creditors in matters concerning functioning of their companies.

The possibilities to mediate were established by the introduction of changes in the Civil Procedure Rules.

Mediation conducted by the representatives of our company are influenced by decisions and agreements we reach with our client or with the board of managers of his/her company. These advance decisions allow us to stipulate aims of negotiations.

As a professional company before starting a negotiation process we conduct a tentative analysis that allows us to assess the chance of achieving our aims and to investigate the risk connected with the occurrence of changes that could stop the two parties from meeting their obligations.

Depending on the problem being analyzed our staff applies different forms of mediation and offers a wide range of changes in the way our client's company is run. The proposed changes may include:
- product restructuring,
- organizational restructuring,
- restructuring of civil and legal receivables,
as well as
- changes in access to information and staff changes
- changes in salaries

We have a lot of experience in the change management.

We think that:
1) external experts ensure more efficiency in the implementation of changes
2) external experts have a more objective point of view on current events and symptoms of financial and organizational difficulties and because of that can offer rational solutions that are separated from old habits.
3) external experts can more easily encourage the interested parties to introduce changes.

Let us mediate for you.

We also mediate with trade unions.

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