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Kapitał Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Business Plans

Time means money and it is not only the Scots who subscribe to this point of view. The precious time is often wasted by preparing business plans or other plans concerning:
1. credit applications,
2. projects of acquisition of a complete company or a company's parts,
3. merger projects,
4. restructuring of companies,
5. securitised debts,
6. changes in capital and ownership structure.

According to our client wish, we can deal with the following:
1. plans of expansion that allow to acquire a new market part or to increase present share in the market,
2. restructuring plans that allow to restructure current activities concerning both civil and legal receivables as well as product and organization.

We have a lot of experience and reliable partners in this profession.

We act in cooperation with our clients and for their benefit.

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