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The Administration service combines the Secretariat service and additionally requires our client to hire some space in our office. This solution makes it possible to collect all correspondence in the same office, where it is then registered. It means that a branch or the headquarters of our client's company has to be moved to Warsaw.

We provide this service because of the needs of our clients from all over Poland. The solution of sharing room in one office has also been appreciated by EU companies, who do not require a spacious office of their own.

It is a very good solution for our clients because they can all the time contact our employee dealing with the matters of their company without it having to be registered in the Social Insurance Institution or the Internal Revenue Service, which allows our clients to reduce their costs.

Other advantage of this solution is that it allows to:

1. increase our clients' mobility, enabling them to operate in several places at the same time,
2. put greater emphases on media and Internet marketing because in our office we have the possibility to receive feedback and orders - information that we send to our clients,
3. reduce costs of our client business,
4. receive reports of the tasks that we do for our clients.

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