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Taking into consideration merchant service, especially in the initial period of business activity as well as the client, who is affected by problems, we offer legal consulting contract. Its aim is to improve the financial situation of the businessman, as there exists a possibility of cooperation between the above mentioned, his suppliers and recipients, under the supervision of a legal adviser, which guarantees more safety in the market.

The legal adviser, who acts in accordance with the contract concluded between him and the businessman, renders help in settling numerous legal problems, which occur every day, either regarding issues with contractors or employees. Its decision is essential both in financial and reliability aspect.

A legal adviser can cooperate with the merchant in various manners. He can be:
• a participant in negotiating disputed issues with contractor,
• businessman’s right hand in cases of vindication, which usually helps in rapid payment, when the other part is represented by skilled personnel,
• a co-worker regarding issues of administrative and tax law,
• useful in preparing official documents.

The investigation of economic area indicates that many entrepreneurs need a temporary help of a reliable, effective person, with wide knowledge. Moreover it is useful in situations obliging to immediate decision.

It is worth pointing out that this kind of legal advice is extremely helpful and improves the quality of action guaranteed in the contract by lawyers, what allows the entrepreneur to focus on the market and competitors.

The help of an legal adviser protects against long-lasting lawsuits.

All the above presents the type of help we offer.
The form and the scope of action remains to be agreed.

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